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5 Qualifying Questions You Need to Know

64% of salespeople we surveyed said they struggled to qualify their customers effectively. Uncovering pain points is absolutely critical to understanding your customer and ensuring you deliver value in every engagement, and close more deals. If there is no pain, then there is no sale! It’s critical that you ask the right questions to understand your customer’s motivations. Here are our favourite qualifying questions to help you uncover your customer’s pain points and close more deals. Remember: practice makes perfect, so keep this list next to you in your next discovery meeting and give them a go!

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We’ve gathered market intelligence from experts around the world to deliver a list of highly effective sales techniques that will help you achieve stellar results.

  • Understand your customers’ buying drivers: Pay attention to your customers’ motivations to improve your conversion and retention rates.
  • Build rapport and win credibility: Trust is the most important factor in closing deals.
  • Follow up promptly to establish accountability: Attentiveness is the first step in fostering long-term customer relationships.
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How to Drive
an Effective
Meeting With
Your Customer

How to Drive
an Effective
Meeting With
Your Customer

How to drive an effective discovery meeting with your customer

Every customer engagement starts with discovery, which can make or break your deal. The goal of a discovery session is to uncover if an opportunity exists and whether or not your solution is a good fit. It is also a great opportunity for you to impress your customer, build credibility and start forging a strong relationship.

Here are some tips to get you started!

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How to Drive
Through the
Sales Cycle

How to drive momentum through the sales cycle and progress your opportunity

63% of salespeople we surveyed said they struggled to progress their opportunities. Progressing a single opportunity can be tough, driving your entire pipeline can be downright overwhelming. Especially when you factor in the number of things you need to do every day. It is absolutely critical that you work closely with your customer to keep them engaged and drive momentum throughout the sales cycle.

Here are our top 3 tips to progress your sale and close more deals!

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How to
Master Your
Follow Up

How to master your follow up

Following up with your prospects and customers can be a daunting task. You need to be strategic with your approach from the beginning. After all, a customer meeting is just a conversation that won’t go anywhere without any clear action items. It is absolutely critical that you continuously communicate with your customer to keep them invested and drive momentum through the sales cycle.

Here are our top 4 tips to help you master your follow up and close more deals!

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How to
Handle Those
Dreaded Sales

How to handle those dreaded sales objections

Customer objections should be expected in almost every sale. It is critical that you are armed with the right techniques to overcome any objection thrown your way from the very beginning of the sales cycle.

Here are some practical strategies to help you overcome the most common customer objections with confidence and help you get one step closer to closing your sale.

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How to Deliver
More Value in

How to deliver more value in digital customer meetings

A survey conducted by McKinsey & Company revealed 70-80% of B2B decision makers prefer remote human interaction or digital self-service instead of in-person interactions. It is critical that salespeople adapt to this ever-evolving climate to continue to deliver value in every customer interaction.

Here are some practical tips to help you become successful, provide more value to your customers, and ultimately get more deals closed.

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How to
Your Sales

3 tips to accelerate the sales cycle

Driving your sales cycle can be tough. It is critical that salespeople have a strategy around how they are going to drive their sales process from the very first interaction with their customers. This is imperative in order to progress your sale and ultimately close more deals.

Here are a few practical tips and strategies that you can adopt to help you drive your sales process and accelerate the sales cycle.

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How to
Impress Your

How to Impress your customers

Customers buy from salespeople they trust. Building strong relationships with your customer, puts you on the fast track to standing out from your competitors and getting more deals closed.

Here are a few practical tips that you can adopt to help you impress your customers!

The Meetings Series

Meetings are the number one killer of productivity. When executed correctly, meetings are an invaluable mechanism to drive business improvement, shape culture, share ideas and generally drive better outcomes for the business – but they must be productive and efficient, otherwise they do more harm than good. We wanted to share our top tips to help you plan, drive, and deliver better meeting experiences.

How to Plan for Better Meetings

How to Drive Better Meetings

How to Follow Up After Your Meetings

Save Time, Stay Organised and Be More Productive Series

Find out how messeji can help you save time, stay organised and be more productive, in 3 simple steps.

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